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Aortic Outflow, isolated in the software
Aortic Outflow, isolated in the Intrinsic 3D visualization software

Intrinsic 3D Visualization Software

The Intrinsic 3D visualization software enables earlier detection, less invasive surgeries, reduction in exploratory surgeries, less risk to patient and doctor, and lower medical costs.

Intrinsic’s product configuration consists of software installed on a stand-alone, “off-the-shelf” workstation providing fast, easy-to-use visualization, and image analysis. A future configuration will include a thin-client application, enabling a tablet-like device viewing experience.

Intrinsic’s technology allows the user to see directly through multiple types of tissue simultaneously in order to visualize the spatial relationships of different parts of the body. The technology doesn’t just provide a “slice” view. Rather, it provides an “inside out” experience within the volume of data, allowing the user to move quickly and easily through all tissue that might otherwise block the view.


 SCW V1 hardware

Spectrum Cardio Workstation (SCW)

The Spectrum Cardio Workstation (SCW) has a remarkably small footprint for such a powerful machine! The software is agnostic of your institution's CT scanner, with no change in protocols, you will be ready to explore your case studies in intimate detail and visualize procedures through a media that will seem second nature in no time at all.

The SCW consists of a compact PC tower or laptop, a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and 3D navigation joystick. The SCW will accept your CT DICOM data by removable media, such as a CD, or connect directly to your existing PACS.

Intrinsic Medical Imaging will have software installed on the hard drive of the SCW before you receive it. An Intrinsic Medical Imaging technician will place the system in its intended location and perform a series of installation diagnostics. When the system is ready for use, just load your studies and go.